We are so excited for summer 2021! We are celebrating the opportunity to have a full summer with our Rocky River Girls while still mitigating as many risks of Covid-19 as we can. All of us at Rocky River, like so many of you at home, are striving for a way to keep our campers and staff safe and giving them the mental and physical health benefits of friendship, fun, learning new skills, and playing outside in the beautiful Texas hill country. We still strongly recommend those in high risk groups, and those who feel they would be unable to comply with safe distancing and hygiene practices, wait to experience camp when the environment is more suitable.

We encourage each household to continue to wear masks as appropriate and practice safe distancing as best as possible to slow the spread and so that everyone will be healthy when they arrive at camp.

New requirements for summer 2021 can be found in FAQs 2021. The pre-camp screening options will help ensure our camp families have the best summer possible and help keep everyone as healthy and happy as possible. We appreciate your partnership and all of your efforts!

If you have concerns or questions regarding our pre-camp requirements or any of our guidelines, please contact the camp office at info@rockyriverranch.com or 512-847-2513


There is a suggested packing list for camp.We suggest packing in a trunk, small stacking plastic drawers, a suitcase, or duffel bag. Campers place their luggage under or at the foot of their bunk. This year it will be extra important for campers to keep their belongings in their designated space.


We recommend including your camper in selecting her clothes and packing. Please don’t go buy new items for camp - we suggest sending old or inexpensive items. We also highly recommend labeling each item she brings with her name. Labels or permanent markers work great for this! We have clocks, ceiling fans, and air conditioners in each cabin. Battery-operated personal fans are allowed.


If found, these items will be confiscated and kept in the office until the end of the session. Furthermore, bringing any of these items could result in dismissal from camp without refund, so please pack with your camper. *Cell phones are NOT ALLOWED. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the camp director prior to arrival. 


Camp is all about unplugging from the digital world and plugging into real conversations, experiences and skill development. Because we cannot properly supervise the sharing of content or monitor communications, and to help campers focus on the camp experience, we do not allow electronic devices, e.g. cell phones, smartwatches, iPod Touches, Kindles, laptops, tablets, electronic games, CD players, DVD players, iPods or MP3 players. Digital cameras are allowed, but not permitted for use inside cabins. Each cabin is equipped with approved music for campers to enjoy. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact the camp director.


If a camper wishes to bring a musical instrument (which we love), it can be kept in the office for safe-keeping. It will be for your child’s use only and not shared with anyone else. 

We hope you understand that we cannot assume liability for any camper’s personal property. For this reason, please leave articles of value (monetary or sentimental) at home. 


Please send a laundry bag with your camper’s name printed in large letters on the outside of the bag. Please label all items with your camper’s name.

One-week and campers should bring the amount of clothes needed for their entire session.
Ten-day campers can choose to pack for the entire session or have laundry done once for an additional fee of $15.
Two-week campers will have laundry done once over the weekend while at camp, included in tuition.


Parents will need to secure their camper transportation to and from camp. We will not be providing any transportation from airports, bus or train stations, and we recommend that campers that travel on public transportation before their session follow the CDC guidelines (wearing masks, frequent hand washing, etc). Parents will be required to sign a contract acknowledging that they, or an approved emergency, contact must remain able to pick up their child if necessary within 6 hours of being contacted. Please be mindful with any mode of transportation you use to get to camp this summer and follow best practices and limit your exposure.


Because we want to limit exposure as much as possible, we ask parents to remain in their cars during the check in process. We will give instructions upon arrival, directing you to different drive through stations. All can easily be done without exiting your vehicle. Stations will include a place to:

•Drop off your camper’s medication and talk to the nurse
•Turn in your camper’s pre—camp screening document (health and temperature log, or negative COVID test results, or camper’s COVID vaccine card) and get your camper’s temperature taken. *See FAQ's for details
•Drop off any letters and/or your max of two care packages per week

Counselors, wearing a facial covering, will be at the cabins to assist your camper in unloading her items. It would be ideal if all items were packed in the back of your vehicle, easily accessible and ready to grab.

We will also be staggering drop off times. It is very important to follow these times as closely as possible as our road ways are narrow and we would like to prevent traffic jams. We appreciate your patience and understanding with each other and our staff as we all navigate this new system.

Cabin assignments will be emailed before arrival, see below for specific drop off times.  If you have multiple campers to check in, please get the camper in the first time slot settled first and then you can check in your second daughter. 

1:00 Western Empress and All Wagons

2:00 All sections of Circle B

2:45 Bar Nada

3:15 Bar K

3:45 Lazy D


We will be asking parents to remain in their cars during the check out process as well. You will get more information before you arrive to pick up your daughter, but we plan to make it a very simple and quick process.

See below for specific pick up times on Friday afternoon (Tuesday for Session 3).

1:00 Western Empress and All Wagons

1:30 All sections of Circle B

2:00 Bar Nada

2:30 Bar K

3:00 Lazy D


Classes are a huge part of the RRR tradition and a way we encourage girls to express their individuality and develop new skills and interests. The guidelines from the Texas Governor's office, CDC, and the American Camp Association all agree that keeping campers moving together in cabin groups or “cohorts” is the best way to mitigate many of the risks of becoming infected with/spreading Covid-19. This means that we must adjust this year and provide fun camp activities as cabin groups instead of individually. We will definitely offer many of the activities that make RRR such a fun experience such as (but not limited to):  free swim in the pool and the river, pool games, river sports, diving galore, fitness, sport-a-day, 9G+, strength and beauty, anything goes, farm animal fun, discovery girls, improv, fashion design, yarn girls, friendship bracelet making, painting, doll making, miniatures etc… Within their classes and activities campers will be given the freedom to make many personal choices. 

We will be spending most of our day outside so we would like to emphasize the importance of packing a good hat, lots of sunscreen and a well insulated water bottle. 


7:45 am      Start Breakfast Rotations (by cabin)

8:45 am       Flag & Morning Announcements 

9:00 am      First Activity

10:45 am      River or Pool Activity

12:30 pm      Start Lunch Rotations (by cabin)

1:10 pm         Start Rest and Afternoon Canteen (by cabin)

2:45 pm        Third Activity  

4:15 pm        River or Pool Activity

6:00 pm      Start Dinner Rotations (by cabin)

7:30 pm      Evening Program


During the session, a photographer will take each camper’s photo and a group photo of the entire cabin and counselors. Purchase of your camper’s individual photo is optional and can be done through your account at rockyriverranch.com. We will upload snapshots of activities during each session ─ these may be purchased as well. Packing an inexpensive disposable camera or inexpensive digital camera will allow your camper to record her own special memories of camp too. New this year: A 5x7 group photo will be available to you at no charge.


Camp life strives to teach your child to be responsible for and take care of her belongings. It helps for her to be involved in labeling and packing her own clothes, towels, and bedding so she will be aware that they belong to her if they show up in the Lost & Found. 
Please label all items with your child’s name. We will make every attempt to reunite lost items with the rightful owner before the session ends. If items are left at camp, please contact us and describe (in detail) the missing item, and we will contact you in regards to shipping cost. 

Items not claimed by September 1st will be donated to a local women’s shelter.


Sometimes a camper has a touch of homesickness the first night or two. Almost all children have some feelings of homesickness when they are away. You might receive a “come and get me” letter, but usually this feeling has passed by the time you receive it. Please resist that tug at your heart, as well as the parental urge to rush to Wimberley. If you have concerns, you are encouraged to contact the office. Campers soon understand that they have the sympathy, respect, and friendship of the entire staff. If we are unable to foster a child’s adjustment to camp life, be assured ─ we will not hesitate to contact you. 

If you are anxious about camp (we understand this year may cause even more anxiety than normal due to COVID), talk to the  camp directors; it’s important to avoid exposing your camper to your own anxiety. If you are feeling anxious, we recommend the following books written for parents: Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow by Michael Thompson, and The Summer Camp Handbook by Christopher Thurber and Jen C. Malinowski. These can be great resources to read before your camper comes to camp. 

Please do not allow your child to bring a cell phone, as she will not be permitted to use it, or even keep it in her cabin. Furthermore, bringing a cell phone may result in dismissal from camp with no refund. A phone call or text might reassure you of her well-being, but it could easily bring on a twinge of homesickness for your camper, as well as others. Given the opportunity, most campers will want to use the available phone to call home or a friend too. 

One of the reasons they are in camp is to experience living independently for a short while. Tell your child that you are proud that she is becoming more independent and able to take care of herself. If you are concerned about something specific or your child writes you about something you feel we should know, please call our office. 

Do not tell your camper that she can call home if she gets homesick. She will never forget it, and it will hinder her adaptation to camp life. Camp policy states that no child is allowed to use a phone. Discuss this with your camper and help her understand that she will not be able to call home. Please keep in mind that we will always contact you if there is a problem. 

Finally, please don’t make any deals with your camper about early pickup, e.g. “If you don’t like it, I will come and get you.” It sets her up for disappointment and keeps her from focusing on solutions at camp. After discussing the many possibilities, if you decide to take your camper home because of homesickness, the camp fee will not be refunded. It’s important to note that most campers adjust and enjoy their summer camp experience. If your camper is struggling with homesickness, we will make every effort to help her cope and move forward so that she enjoys a positive RRR experience.


You can leave letters/cards on check-in day (6x8 inch envelopes or smaller) or use the Bunk Notes (via your online account) and we will print and deliver your messages to your campers. We will mail out any letters or cards that your camper writes during her week here. 

You may also leave a max of two approved packaged envelopes to be delivered on during her session. packages must be in a sealed postal envelope (either 8.5x11 or 10.5x15). You can purchase these envelopes at Target, Walmart, etc. or purchase one in the Forty Niner for a minimal fee.

You may also order through our online Canteen Store at rockyriverranch.com. There are lots of items to choose from including some pre-made care packages (quantities limited). You can easily purchase items ahead of time or during the session via your online account. If ordering during a session, your order must be placed by 8pm to be delivered the next day. Remember, no letters or packages will be delivered on check out day! 


Anything sent via US Postal Service must be sent to our P.O. box or it will not be delivered.
<Camper Name>
<Cabin Name>
P.O. Box 109
Wimberley, TX 78676

If you use another delivery service, i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc., you must use our physical address or it will not be delivered. Rocky River cannot be responsible for missing packages.
<Camper Name>
<Cabin Name>
100 Flite Acres Road
Wimberley, TX 78676

If you want to send care packages, we suggest sending a small package the first day or two, and saving a special one for the last couple of days at camp. For a child experiencing a little homesickness, a letter suggesting a surprise at the end of the session gives her something fun to look forward to.


We will print and deliver emails to your camper during Mail Call. Emails are sent via your account on rockyriverranch.com. Once you have logged in, click the “Email a Camper” button under the “Additional Options” menu. Emails are purchased in $5 blocks, $1 per email. Emails are printed at 10:30 am daily. Note: there is no Mail Call on check out days, so emails cannot be delivered. Remember: Your camper cannot send you emails while she attends camp.


Campers enjoy canteen time each day after rest period (by cabin) where they can choose an ice cream, candy or snack item. Cabins are able to shop for T-shirts and souvenirs once a week. Your camper’s canteen account is included in camp tuition and set up as a debit system. We will be able to give her an accurate accounting of funds available. Campers are not allowed to keep cash in their cabins. 


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Rocky River Ranch experience

I have said for years that RRR made me the person that I am today. Actually it wasn’t just RRR, but also the counselors that shaped my experiences and helped me be the best I could be. I learned to problem solve, lead others and to be a leader others wanted to follow. I learned to do my part and that I can do anything I decided to do. I learned to say 'I can' a lot more than 'I cannot.' I learned to co-exist with others which helps me to this day. As a young girl I learned what others around me now in their 30s still do not know. I learned to take care of and respect myself, respect others and the world around me.

‒  Hara Chasis Cootes Years at camp: 1978-1991

I would not be the person I have become today if it were not for Skeet and Sandy. One of the biggest lessons I ever learned in life was from Sandy — I fell off a horse and Sandy made me get right back on. I had no idea what impact that lesson would mean to my life, but I have to say it has become one of the most valuable.

‒  Beth Boykin Huddle Years at camp: 1976-1980

RRR is not just two months of SCREAMING prepubescent girls singing songs in the Grubstake, Free Swim at the river or raids on other cabins, it becomes a way of life that helps guide you through the rest of your life. Not unlike the Marines who are brothers for life, those of us who were campers and counselors are sisters for life and will do anything to help each other, no questions asked!

‒  Lezli Smith Giancarlo Years at camp: 1981-1989

My years at Rocky River were some of the most wonderful times in my life. My sister (Laura) and I still spend hours talking about our fun times there. We still remember our days of swimming in the river, riding horses and water skiing. I can't wait until my little girl can experience all the joy and fun I had as a child for herself.

‒  Debbie Merian Polasek Years at camp: 1976-1987

I loved performing on stage and modeling in the fashion show. I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how to do synchronized swimming. I wrote a 'Snoopy' column for the newspaper. In fact, a lot of the things I loved then are things I still love today.

‒  Shannon McCann Years at camp: 1966-1975

RRR gives young women the chance to excel in areas where they may not have ever had a chance to before … and an opportunity to gain self esteem and confidence. These are such amazing and important gifts that will stay with campers their entire lives. This is why RRR will forever be a "home" to its campers. A place where they feel accepted, and loved and special.

‒  Margaret "Meg" Beecher Lowery Years at camp: '89-2000, 2005