What are the cabins like?

All cabins are air-conditioned bunkhouses. Cabin placements are determined by age and grade. Rocky River honors bunkmate requests as much as possible for girls who are up to one year apart in grade. Cabins house both campers and staff, with a very high ratio of staff to campers. View photos or our facilities »

What does the camp fee cover?

Room, board, canteen credit, laundry during Sessions 2 & 5, and camp activities are covered. Ropes Course (Trainees and SIT 1’s only), Horseback, and laundry during Session 3 are the only things with an additional fee.

Will there be any COVID requirements or restrictions this summer?

The short answer is NO, we do not currently plan on requiring any special pre-screening tests, vaccine records or program restrictions. Certainly this may change. As always we will monitor things closely, follow recommendation by our governing bodies and adjust if necessary.

The longer answer is that we will take all that we learned during the pandemic and incorporate some of these things into best practices. For example, we will encourage lots of hand washing, cleaning of common areas, good personal hygiene practices and teaching the girls the importance of personal space. These are all great lessons! We will also strongly encourage you to monitor your camper before her arrival. Please do not send your camper to camp if she is sick. It's better to contact us to reschedule her session than to have to come back and pick her up. 

The safety of our camp community is top priority and we are committed to doing all we can to keep everyone healthy. We are also committed to singing, dancing, running around outside, making new friends, gaining independence and learning new skills.

This will be my camper’s first camp experience. What can I do to prepare her for camp life?

The best thing to do is talk to your camper about what camp life will be like. Explain to her that she will not be able to see or talk to you while at camp and that you know she will do great while here. Call to set up a time before the summer to visit the camp and speak with a director ─ we’ll be able to show you cabins, where activities are held, where campers eat, etc. Pack for camp with your camper ─ allow her to write her name on her clothing, choose a special stuffed animal to bring, and which books she’d like to read during downtime. Allowing her to see the camp and know what she’ll be doing and what she is bringing will help alleviate any natural anxiety she may be experiencing, enabling her to have the best time possible while here.

My camper wants to change her class schedule - is that possible?

Absolutely. Campers can change their schedule online via your account any time until the week before arrival. Class info online is in real-time and waiting lists are managed if classes are full. Also, your camper will have the option to change her classes at camp until Tuesday at noon.

What happens if my camper gets sick at camp?

Rocky River takes healthcare very seriously. Our wellness center is well equipped, staffed and maintained for our campers who need special care, and our camp doctor is on-call throughout the season. Our counselors are trained in CPR and First Aid. Should any concerning health issue arise, a staff member will contact the parents.

If your camper is running a fever greater than 100.4*, we will contact you directly make a plan together on how to proceed. You, or your approved emergency contact, must remain within 6 hours of availability to pick up your daughter if, after discussions, it is necessary for her to go home. Please make sure your approved pick up list is updated to reflect that. As always we strive to maintain open communication while your daughter is here at Rocky River Ranch, and we will provide you with a direct cell number if you would like to express concerns or check in about your campers health and happiness.

Is Rocky River Ranch a religious camp?

No, Rocky River is not a religiously affiliated camp. We welcome campers from all religious backgrounds. We love having a diverse community.  Our long time traditions do include singing grace before meals and ending the day with a Friendship Circle, which includes saying The Lord’s Prayer.  During these times, campers are encouraged to do what is comfortable for them while remaining respectful of others. On the second Sunday of longer sessions, our older campers plan and lead the entire camp in a character based chapel service.

My camper is non-binary, gender fluid or in transition. How can Rocky River Ranch meet their needs?

As youth development professionals, the owners and directors of Rocky River love, encourage and are advocates for every child. And as camp professionals, we feel strongly that every child can benefit from a positive camp experience; not only benefit, but we believe that a positive camp experience can be life changing! We want to be partners with parents to support and lift up every child and also help find the best camp experience for them, whether that is RRR or not.

Our mission at Rocky River Ranch will always be focused on ‘Growing Independent Girls’. For this reason, we feel that campers who identify as male, or biologically male campers in transition, will be better served and have their specific needs met, at an all-gender camp. We would love to support your campers needs with resources and sharing of other camp programs - please reach out to us for information and specific questions.

If your camper is non-binary or gender fluid, we would love to talk with you before their arrival. Please call the camp office and speak with the camp director to discuss details of the camp program and their desire to participate in an all girls camp. Every child is unique and we want to ensure the best possible camp experience for every camper. Over the years we have learned that open communication with parents prior to arrival is the best way to make this happen.

My camper eats a special diet (or is just picky!) What is the food like at camp?

The food at RRR is not your regular camp food! Many campers list it as one of the top reasons for coming back each year. We are able to accommodate most special diets, such as vegetarian, lactose-free,  gluten-free (contact the camp office if your daughter is diagnosed with Celiac Disease). Be sure to include your camper's allergies or special needs on the Health History form, and contact the camp office with any questions or concerns.

We start each day with a hot breakfast, including cereal, fruit and yogurt as additional options to the day's menu. Breakfast and lunch are enjoyed eating family style in the cabin groups. A salad bar and PB&J sandwiches are always available at lunch and dinner. Dinner gives campers the opportunity to sit with friends they have made outside of their cabin groups, and consist of classic meals like pizza, chicken nuggets, and tacos.

When are my balance and camp forms due?

All balances and completed forms are due by April 1st. You can make payments online through your account using a credit card or check (we prefer check as it helps keep the cost of camp down for everyone).  You can find the required forms in the Document Center of your account from the dropdown menu from the top left corner of your screen. All forms, other then the copy of your campers immunization record, can be filled out online. 

What is the refund policy?

Cancelations made before April 1st will receive refund of fees paid minus the non-refundable deposit. Please submit your cancelation in writing as soon as you know your plans have changed so that we can process your cancelation as quickly as possible. Non-refundable deposits are $100/wk for resident camp, $100/week for day camp, $100 for each Mother/Daughter and Great Escape Weekend.

Can I call or visit my camper while she’s at camp?

Rocky River campers do not have access to phones while here and for the safety of the camp community, Rocky River does not allow visitors on the campsite while camp is in session. We do post lots photos of activities throughout the session so you can see her and get a glimpse into what she's doing.  If you have a question, or would just like to check in, please feel free to call the office anytime.

If your questions or concerns were not answered, please email us at  info@rockyriverranch.com

Rocky River Ranch | Summer Camp Programs

Summer Camp Programs

The perfect summer is waiting for your daughter aged 5 to 14 at Rocky River— filled to the brim with new friendships, challenging activities and, most importantly, lots of fun! Check out our day camp and resident camp options.

Rocky River Ranch | Weekend Programs

Weekend Programs

In the hot summer months, we’re an all-girls camp, but the rest of the year, we offer year ‘round fun at our Great Escapes for women and Mother-Daughter weekends!

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Event Rentals

Rocky River Ranch is the perfect solution for your special event! We host family reunions, church retreats, teacher work days, company picnics, Girl Scout groups, and more with lodging for up to 150 guests.

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RRR gives young women the chance to excel in areas where they may not have ever had a chance to before … and an opportunity to gain self esteem and confidence. These are such amazing and important gifts that will stay with campers their entire lives. This is why RRR will forever be a "home" to its campers. A place where they feel accepted, and loved and special.

‒  Margaret "Meg" Beecher Lowery Years at camp: '89-2000, 2005

Rocky River Ranch is like my second home. It is such a comfortable, fun place to be! I am planning to be here as long as possible, and want my future daughters and granddaughters to experience this camp. Rocky River has a special place in my heart, and is a big part of my life.

‒  Molly Morgan Years at camp: 2001-2005

I am grateful for the girls that Skeet, Sandy and Rue had as our counselors because of the character and leadership they taught me. I love them all. Many are my friends still and I cannot wait to see them again year after year. We are all grown, some mothers now, some in interesting careers, but all of us sharing one special thing in common -- outside of careers, husbands, family and schooling -- the RRR Spirit that endures in our everyday life.

‒  Brandi Mascione Roy Years at camp: 1978-1985

I would definitely not be the person I am today without the experience of camp. I remember being 7 years old and so excited about my first camp experience. I don't think I slept the entire night before leaving. When I arrived at camp it was the most wonderful place I had ever seen. Rue was my first counselor and she took the time to show me around and introduced me to the other girls. I was scared at first, but it did not last long. By the end of the first night camp already felt like a second home. By the end of my first two weeks I did not want to leave. Rocky River was a part of my life forever. In the end what I took away from camp was friendship, love, respect and confidence.

‒  Debbie Merian Polasek Years at camp: 1977-1987

I can't believe this will be my second summer away from Rocky River. I'm so campsick. I find myself singing RRR songs all the time, and i wish I could be there now! Camp has meant so much to me. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

‒  Sara Jane Mitcham Years at camp: 1998-2003

Attending RRR is a tradition in my family — aunts, cousins, sisters, and best friends all have great memories that we still talk about today. I am waiting for the summer that my daughter is old enough to attend and experience the same wonderful times that I had. My memories of summers at RRR are so special to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Skeet and Sandy, and all of the staff from every session, for the ten years of summertime bliss!

‒  Melissa Ross Crispin Years at camp: 1984-1994