FAQs specific to 2021

Why are we planning to move forward with camp in 2021 amid continued Covid-19 concerns?

  1.  We have been in constant contact with both medical and camping professionals to weigh the risks and benefits of camp this summer. Camp has a huge benefit on children’s mental health and we know children need camp more than ever. We are creating and implementing new procedures to try and provide the environment that our campers look forward to, while also implementing mandated regulations and safety guidelines. We understand that many are concerned that the limitations that will be necessary to ensure a level of safety will take the “magic" out of camp. Without a doubt, camp will look and feel different this year.  However, we will do our best to provide our campers with an opportunity to step into Rocky River Ranch this summer and feel connected, supported, and safe. 

    We whole heartedly agree with Paul McEntire's, chief operating officer of YMCA of the USA, statment “We have growing concerns about the ongoing mental health issues that are increasing steadily, affecting young people today…We are big believers that being outside always matters. But given quarantine, getting kids outdoors is hypercritical this summer.”

  1.  We are making some changes to our camp’s daily schedules and traditions in order to provide the least amount of risk, with the understanding that there is no way to have a 0% risk of Covid-19. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Staying as a Day Camp group and not mixing with the resident campers
    • An increased cleaning and disinfecting plan
    • Hosting every possible activity outdoors  
    • Daily health screening
    • Hand hygiene
    • Physical distancing with resident campers
    • Modified pick up and drop off procedures


  1. Our recommendation is that each household will practice safe distancing to mitigate the risks of spread so that everyone will be safe during their time at camp. However, we strongly recommend those in high risk groups, and those who feel they would be unable to comply with safe distancing and hygiene practices allow their camp experience to wait until the camp environment is more suitable.

What does the CDC have to say about Covid-19 in Children and Teens?

Will my camper be required to wear a mask?

During outdoor activities within the Day Camp group we will not require your camper to wear a mask. We do ask for you to pack one mask in a zip log back in case she needs to go into the health station/ interact with someone such as the nurse outside the Day Camp group. We have done our best to limit the amount of time campers will need masks by staying in one groups, having a majority of time spent enjoying the outdoors, and using good hand hygiene. Please send properly fitting masks that follow CDC’s guidelines.

Will we be informed if someone at Day Camp tests positive for Covid-19?

Yes. We will inform parents if Day Camp who tested positive for Covid-19 or even if an individual was sent home with symptoms of Covid-19, while maintaining that individual’s privacy.

General FAQs

I have another daughter who is attending resident camp during the same session. How will drop off and pick up work?

Drop off will be on separate days which will provide you a chance to focus on each daughter’s check-in separately. Pick-up on Friday will be on the same day during Day Camp Session 2 and 4. During those days, please arrive at noon to participate in the closing activity for Day Camp. You will then need to wait until the scheduled pick up time for your resident camper. You are welcome to stick around in your car in the parking lot, chatting with your camper or you can drive into Wimberley at the scheduled time. Please contact the camp office if other arrangements need to be made.

Will the day campers and resident campers see each other during the day?

Day campers and resident campers will have separate schedules during the day, however, they will pass each other and can wave and say HI!

Will counselors apply sunscreen and bug repellent for my child?

YES! Our well-trained staff are very cautious about sunburns and bug bites. We are very dedicated to making sure your child stays safe and healthy and will help them apply sunscreen and bug spray throughout the day. Please back plenty your preferred products.

What will my daughter do with all of her stuff during the day?

Each camper will have a cubby where she can store her belongings- lunch, towel, swim suit, extra change of clothes etc.

How will swimming work during the day? What if my child is not a strong swimmer yet?

On the first day of Day Camp, we will do a swim check with each camper. The swim check will be held by the lifeguards and will give them an idea of your daughters swimming ability. We will have life vests for girls who need/ want them. We will also have a rope in the pool to separate the shallow end and the deep end. In the river, we may require all children to wear life vests in the deeper parts depending on the level and flow. We will have multiple lifeguards at the river and at the pool. Our lifeguards are all Red Cross certified.

Can I visit my camper while she’s at camp?

For the safety of all of our campers, Rocky River does not allow visitors on the campsite while camp is in session. Parents are only allowed in the parking/ pavilion area between 9:00-9:30 and 4:00-4:30. Parents may not go past the cone markers at any time during the camp sessions.

What happens if my camper gets sick at camp?

Rocky River takes health care very seriously. Our wellness center is well equipped, staffed and maintained for our campers who need special care, and our camp nurse is on-call throughout the season. Our counselors are trained in CPR and First Aid. Should any concerning health issue arise, a staff member will contact the parents right away.

How will lunch work each day?

We will provide snacks and ice water throughout the day, but will not provide daily lunches. Please pack a lunch for your daughter each day except Friday; that day we will end our session with a hot cookout and s'mores. Of couse, if your daughter prefers a packed lunch from home on Friday too, that's totally fine!

What if I need to drop off late or pick up early one day?

If you need to drop your camper off late or pick her up early please contact the office before hand via email: or call 512-847-2513. You can also contact Hannah Jeffers on her cell phone via call or text at any time 512-417-0517.

Is there a dress code?

The campers will be very active throughout the day so we encourage the girls to wear comfortable clothing that they don’t mind getting messy in. We will be taking a group picture on the last day so please have your camper wear the RRR Day Camp shirt (distributed on the first day). The girls are required to wear shoes that will stay on their feet (no flip flops or shoes without a backstrap) and they will also need to wear river shoes when they go to the river. We have found that Crocs, or similar shoes, don't hold up well on our rough terrain.

Will there be theme days for my daughter to participate in?

YES! Theme days are fun dress-up days on each Wednesday during Day Camp sessions. We encourage your daughter to be creative and silly with an outfit for this day, but please don't feel the need to buy lots of items. Hopefully you already have things around the house she can use! We want these days to be fun and not stressful. Get excited for:

Session 1 (June 14-18th)- Flittery Flying Fun Wednesday- Butterflies, Fairies, Birds, Dragons- WINGS GALORE- Dress up as anything that FLYS!
Session 2 (Jun 21-25th)- Totally SUPER Wednesday- SUPER GIRLS and SUPER HEROES! Dress up as your favorite hero- from famous super heroes to inspirational women!
Session 3 (July 19-23rd)- Bright As the Sun Wednesday- Let's be sparkly, colorful, tie-dyeY, and BRIGHT! Go all out- bright as the sun OR BRIGHTER!
Session 4 (July 26-30th)- Flower Power Wednesday- Wear flowers on your shirt, on your pants, your socks, in your hair- FLOWERS everywhere!  

Will my daughter draw to see what camp team she will be on?

Day campers will not draw to be on a team. Teams will only be drawn during resident camp sessions. Something to look forward to!

Our summer plans changed. Can I get a refund for camp?

Rocky River will refund the tuition minus the deposit until May 15th. Please submit your cancellation in writing so that we can process your refund as quickly as possible.

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Rocky River Ranch experience

Wow! I just spent ten amazing weeks at Rocky River. It was a great learning experience. My first job also! I had a wonderful time working with the counselors and the kids. I already miss it! I miss singing camp songs too!

‒  Brenda Ly Years at camp: 2004

I’ve told my family that if I’m ever missing, can’t take the real world, think I need to drive away, they will find me at Rocky River Ranch. I’m now 41 years old, a mother of two and every time I turn down Flite Acres Road it is like going home and it makes me cry because I am so happy to be there. I had seven glorious summers at camp and I cherish every memory I carry with me.

‒  Jonica Crosby Cason Years at camp: 1977-1983

I can't believe this will be my second summer away from Rocky River. I'm so campsick. I find myself singing RRR songs all the time, and i wish I could be there now! Camp has meant so much to me. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

‒  Sara Jane Mitcham Years at camp: 1998-2003

I had a wonderful experience of being a counselor at RRR 1960-61 and 1966-67. Those first 2 years I knew and loved both Mama Knolk and Jane. Later, I was there with Skeet and Sandy. I have great memories of all those special people and all the fun times at camp. I'm so glad the camp is still going strong!

‒  Mary Jane McDuffie Dillard Years at camp: 1960-61, 1966-67

This was my very first camp I ever went to and let me tell you it was the best! I only wish I had found out about it earlier so I could have spent more than just one year there. Y'all are an amazing camp and I hope you keep running for another 50 years.

‒  Claire Tilton Years at camp: 2002

I loved performing on stage and modeling in the fashion show. I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how to do synchronized swimming. I wrote a 'Snoopy' column for the newspaper. In fact, a lot of the things I loved then are things I still love today.

‒  Shannon McCann Years at camp: 1966-1975