All campers at Rocky River Ranch have four class periods each day. The camper chooses the classes she wants to concentrate on for each week and attends the same class at the same time each day (see format below). Campers attending a two-week session are encouraged to choose different classes the second week as the content and activities will be the same both weeks.

Programs are fitted to the child, not the child to the program. All classes are closely supervised by Counselors and Instructors. Our program is designed to "grow independent girls." To that end, campers plan their own creative endeavors and spend their days participating in classes they choose.

Our mission is to develop great qualities in young people; qualities such as confidence, critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, respect, responsibility and communication. These skills are going to be learned at camp regardless of which classes they select.

There are so many activity choices! For time slots and descriptions, DOWNLOAD our 2023 Camp Classes PDF here!

The four activity periods each day are 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 and 5:00.

Morning classes are individualized and 5:00 class will be done with their cabin groups. Girls will make their own choices at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00, and cabins will rotate through specialized activities (see below for the class descriptions) in the 5:00 hour. We are excited about this format, and hope you are too!
Gaga Nine Square

Learn, play, and hone your skills in active and fast-paced games: Ga-Ga, 9-Square, murbles, sprout ball and more! All ages and abilities welcome.

Anything Goes
Anything Goes

Together the class chooses from a list of activities. Vote on fun things to do such as crafts, games, snack making, etc. Anything goes!


 Bows and arrows aimed at the targets down range! In this class girls will learn archery basics and improve upon existing skills. They will play fun games each day and get lots of practice for the tournament at the end of the week!


Girls will learn baking techniques and tips as they get their hands messy baking lots of tasty treats!


Love a challenge? This class rotates through Climbing Wall, Rappelling, the Screamer and Crate Stacking - each day a new challenge! Must be going into 5th grade or older.

Climbing Wall
Character and Costume Creation

In this class campers will unleash their imagination by designing a character, work to create a one of a kind costume out of a variety of materials and techniques and have fun with the process. Warriors, princesses, super heroes, animals or a mixture of all the above - the sky is the limit!


This class is for makers who want to unleash their creativity on several hands on projects during the week.


 Learn steps for different types of dance (such as ballet, ballroom, jazz, hip hop, etc.) and practice for an end-of-session performance.

Diving Galore & More
Diving Galore & More!

 Jump, dive and splash! Learn different dives, tricks, and games in this fun pool class. This class is for girls who want more time in the pool!

Doll Making
Doll Making

Learn and use hand sewing techniques to create your own unique Rocky River doll.

Drama Tech

 Learn dramatic techniques as you rehearse for the end-of-session performance. The drama staff chooses a script and the girls try out for different roles at the beginning of the week. Open to all skill levels with lots of opportunity to learn. For those who want to be involved behind the scenes, we will have some tech roles too. (This class meets both weeks of 2-week sessions.)

Farm Girls
Farm Animal Fun

Pet and care for our goats, donkeys, and our crazy chickens. We will learn a bit about farm animal care and have fun with some adorable animals.

Barn Girls
Horseback Riding

These classes will focus on learning about horses from the ground up. Our focus is on western equitation, safe seat, voice cues, and gentle reigning through lessons and games. Our ground lessons focus on safe handling and bonding through learning about grooming, body, saddles, and training techniques. All riders will work activities based around their skill level. Our riding lessons are built around teaching and improving riders core skill set, so that they can be successful in any equestrian discipline they choose to pursue.

Additional fee of $35 applies. During registration you will show your interest in this class and we will contact you with more information.

Learn how to create teeny-tiny objects for a tiny room you’ll love to take home and display. 

Create your own masterpiece! Learn about painting techniques, composition and art history as you express yourself in this class. Your painting will be part of the gallery displayed on closing day.

River Sports

We’ve combined all of the river favorites into one class! Enjoy the Blanco River as you try things like kayaking, paddle boarding, log rolling, fishing, venturing up or down river, snorkeling, and rock hunting!

Sewing: PJ Bottoms

Learn sewing machine basics and practice your skills by making PJ bottoms of your choice- shorts, pants, with pockets, without pockets- it’s your choice! All levels welcome. We will send an email closer to the summer with a supply list to bring to camp.


Learn about and play a different sport each day. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and sprinkler kickball - just to name a few.

Synchronized Swimming

You’ll learn sculling, breath control and water ballet moves. You will also learn and practice a routine to perform during the end of session performance. (This class meets both weeks of 2-week sessions.)


All levels welcome as you learn, practice, and perfect your tennis skills!

Ukelele 101
Ukulele 101

In this class girls will be taught Ukulele basics while having fun. All levels of musicians are welcome! Ukuleles will be provided by RRR for the girls to learn and practice while here.

Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics

This is for girls who love the pool and fitness. Spend time doing aerobic exercises in the pool!!

Yarn Girls

Learn the basics of knitting, crocheting or embroidery as well as expand skills you already have. Complete a project at your own pace while you visit with friends and learn skills that will last a lifetime!

Bracelet Making
5:00 Cabin Activity: Name Tag Painting and Friendship Bracelet Making

Everyone loves these two camp classics! Get creative and learn some new skills as you create unique accessories.

Sweet Decorating
5:00 Cabin Activity: Task Masters

Cabin groups will work together to solve problems and riddles in this ‘escape room’ type experience. Cabins will have fun working together to unlock their prize.

5:00 Cabin Activity: RRR Ninja Training

Girls will have fun learning important skills such as balance, agility, flexibility, stealth, and a zen like mindset. Then they will put it all together to complete a ninja challenge!

Pool Sports
5:00 Cabin Activity: Book Making

Create, assemble, decorate, illustrate and/or author your own book. This activity is set up with a build your own format to let the creative juices flow!

Random Acts of Kindness
5:00 Cabin Activity: Stage Games

With the 49er stage as the backdrop, cabin groups will create skits, practice accents and play silly games while taking the spotlight!

Triple R Girls
5:00 Cabin Activity: Grubby Gals

Have fun in the Grubstake while you learn and practice camp songs with their motions, table chants such as ‘sevens’, enjoy a snack, and learn some table etiquette!




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Rocky River Ranch experience

I would definitely not be the person I am today without the experience of camp. I remember being 7 years old and so excited about my first camp experience. I don't think I slept the entire night before leaving. When I arrived at camp it was the most wonderful place I had ever seen. Rue was my first counselor and she took the time to show me around and introduced me to the other girls. I was scared at first, but it did not last long. By the end of the first night camp already felt like a second home. By the end of my first two weeks I did not want to leave. Rocky River was a part of my life forever. In the end what I took away from camp was friendship, love, respect and confidence.

‒  Debbie Merian Polasek Years at camp: 1977-1987

Wow! I just spent ten amazing weeks at Rocky River. It was a great learning experience. My first job also! I had a wonderful time working with the counselors and the kids. I already miss it! I miss singing camp songs too!

‒  Brenda Ly Years at camp: 2004

RRR is not just two months of SCREAMING prepubescent girls singing songs in the Grubstake, Free Swim at the river or raids on other cabins, it becomes a way of life that helps guide you through the rest of your life. Not unlike the Marines who are brothers for life, those of us who were campers and counselors are sisters for life and will do anything to help each other, no questions asked!

‒  Lezli Smith Giancarlo Years at camp: 1981-1989

The experiences at camp gave me a confidence and feeling of accomplishment. First, just being able to take care of myself away from home (with the counselors help, or course) allowed me my first feelings of independence. Being able to try different activities in a non-threatening environment — things I probably never would have tried at home — was a great way of discovering who I was. Then, later on having the responsibility of caring for children by being a big sis to a younger camper and then CIT, gave me a life-long heart for children. Enough so I became a registered nurse working in the pediatric intensive care. I don't believe I would be the person I am today without those many experiences at camp.

‒  Stephanie Shupp Wilson Years at camp: 1978-1983

I will forever remember Rocky River Ranch as the greatest place on earth! To this day I still remember the nine summers that I spent at Rocky River Ranch. I hope to have my children experience camp as I did so many years ago.

‒  Tasha Ancira Roberts Years at camp: 1977-1985

I love Rocky River Ranch. It was a place I could go and feel accepted for the person I was — not the person I was expected to be. When we passed under that arch, the playing field was leveled and I was free to be myself, or even to reinvent myself! If I could ride, if I could swim, if I could do crafts or even if my only talent was spitting watermelon seeds, I was accepted!

‒  Britany Beever Just Years at camp: 1979-1984, 1987-1988