All campers at Rocky River Ranch have four class periods each day. The camper chooses the classes she wants to concentrate on for each week and attends the same class at the same time each day. Campers attending a two-week session are encouraged to choose different classes the second week.

Programs are fitted to the child, not the child to the program. All classes are closely supervised by Counselors and Instructors. Our program is designed to "grow independent girls." To that end, campers plan their own creative endeavors and spend their days participating in classes they choose.

At the close of each session, parents are treated to a Watershow at the pool, Drama Show in the 49’er, and an exhibition of Western Riding in the large arena (Sessions 2 and 5), where campers present new skills they've learned.

There are so many activity choices! For time slots and descriptions, DOWNLOAD our 2019 Camp Classes PDF here!

There are four activity periods each day, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and 5:00.

Anything Goes
Anything Goes

Together the class chooses from a list of activities. One day a craft, next day a game; make ice cream or go for a hike; water balloon fights or four square — anything goes!


Bow and arrows aimed at the range targets. Learn everything from the basics of archery to how to improve your skills. Practice each day for the tournament at the end of the week!


Girls will learn techniques and tips as they get their hands messy baking tasty treats both sweet and savory.

Blanco Bliss
Blanco Bliss

Formerly River Fun this class is for girls who can’t get enough of the beautiful Blanco River. Find bliss in a different way each day- from snorkeling and rock-hunting to venturing up and down river.

Bracelet Making
Bracelet Making

Create a variety of bracelets using different materials throughout the session to keep for yourself or to pass on to friends. 


Love a challenge? This class rotates through Climbing Wall, Rappelling, and The Screamer swing experience — each day a new challenge! (Must weigh at least 75 lbs and be going into 5th grade or older.) Look for a new "challenge" to be added for summer 2019- TBD.

Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall

Test your strength, challenge your comfort zone and ring the bell hanging at the top of our 42-foot climbing wall. This is for girls 75lbs and going into 5th grade or older and is only offered during the second week of two-week sessions.


This class is for crafty girls who love hands-on projects. You’ll get to unleash your creativity on several projects during the week.

Discovery Girls
Discovery Girls

You’ll discover the world around you via fun experiments and hands-on activities in this science-based class!

Doll Making
Doll Making

Create your own unique Rocky River doll as you learn the traditional art of doll making. Includes stuffing, sewing, and soft sculpture techniques. Great for all ages!

Drama Tech
Drama & Tech Theater

Learn dramatic techniques as you rehearse for the end-of-session performance. The drama staff chooses a script and the girls try out at the beginning of the week. Open to all skill levels with lots of opportunity to learn. During session 1,3,4,6 we will have tech roles such as stage manager, set design and costume design during the class. During session 2 and 5 Tech Theatre will be a separate class for girls going into 7th grade or older.

Farm Girls
Farm Girls

Goats, mini donkeys, a herd of horses, and a few surprise guests…this year’s Farm Girls class aims to have lots of fun with some adorable animals! We will learn a bit about farm animal care and agricultural sciences along the way.


Explore what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and spend time doing exercises. Format may vary, but can include: kickboxing, pilates, yoga, jogging, water aerobics and more!

Horseback Riding

Equine enthusiasts of all ages and levels welcome! Classes are divided between riding and grounds activities. If you want some great riding tips, to experience a trail ride and have a great time loving on some sweet horses … this class is for you! Read more here


In this theater-skills class, girls will enjoy the basics of improv acting and games as well as getting to have fun on stage, learning accents and skits.

Letters & Lettering
Letters and Lettering

We love snail mail! In this class, girls will learn the art of writing letters. They will also learn how to write in different fonts, make and decorate their own envelopes. Campers will write letters to friends and family to send via snail mail or to give out to their friends here at RRR.


Learn how to create teeny-tiny objects for a tiny room you’ll love to take home and display!


Create your own masterpieces! Learn about painting techniques, composition, and art history as you express yourself in this class. Your painting will be part of the gallery displayed on closing day.

Pool Sports
Pool Games

For the camper who loves the water! Structured games each day, diving, volleyball, and much more.

Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is our language here at RRR. In this class girls will do a different act of kindness every day to serve the ones around them, our Rocky River community and beyond.

River Sports

We’ve combined four river favorites in one class; enjoy the Blanco River as you learn how to kayak, cruise on a stand-up paddleboard, balance on a floating log and try your hand at catching a fish! This class cools off in the water and takes an end-of-session river walk.

Rocky River Reporters

Get behind and in front of the camera as the class shoots videos and writes articles that make up the Rocky River Round-Up newsletter. Girls will use iPads to edit their work and send out session news to parents.


Put on a harness, get clipped in and then be pulled by fellow campers to the height of your choice, up to 40 feet high! Then you’ll pull the release cord and start an exhilarating giant swing over the gulley!

Sewing: Fanny Packs

Learn sewing machine skills and express your creativity by completing a camp classic to take home- a fanny pack.


Learn about and play a different sport each day. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and sprinkler kickball - just to name a few.


Sign up for this class if you love singing, want some vocal tips and enjoy performing. Don’t worry about your voice- all are welcome and encouraged.

Strength & BeYOUty
Strength & BeYOUty

Beauty comes from the inside and this class will be all about confidence, individuality, kindness, and independence. Discussions and activities centered around topics such as healthy living (nutrition, exercise, hygiene) and how to foster self-confidence.

Synchronized Swimming

Split into two different classes (beginner or intermediate/advanced) — you’ll learn sculling, breath control, and water ballet moves. You will also learn and practice a routine to perform during the Water Show at the end of the session. (This class meets both weeks of 2-week sessions.)


All levels welcome as you learn, practice, and perfect your tennis skills!

Ukelele 101
Ukelele 101

In this class, girls will be taught Ukulele basics while having fun. All levels of musicians are welcome! Ukuleles will be provided by RRR for the girls to learn and practice while here.

Yarn Girls

Learn the basics of knitting, crocheting or embroidery as well as expend skills you already have. Complete a project at your own pace while you visit with friends and learn skills that will last a lifetime!


Put on a harness, climb the telephone pole, sit on the platform, and zip across the gully! This class is for the fearless girls who love excitement. (Girls must be going into 7th grade or older.)

Gaga Nine Square

Learn, play, and hone your skills in active and fast-paced games — Ga-Ga and 9-Square, murbles, sprout ball and more! All ages and abilities welcome!

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Summer Camp Programs

The perfect summer is waiting for your daughter aged 5 to 14 at Rocky River— filled to the brim with new friendships, challenging activities and, most importantly, lots of fun! Check out our day camp and resident camp options.

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Weekend Programs

In the hot summer months, we’re an all-girls camp, but the rest of the year, we offer year ‘round fun at our Great Escapes for women and Mother-Daughter weekends!

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Rocky River Ranch experience

I honestly believe that I wouldn't be the same person if not for my many years at Rocky River, and each year that passes makes me more aware of the grace I found here and the gift of the chance to become one of the few ... a Rocky River girl. To the land of the triple R, I pledge my heart to you!

‒  Alyson Stringer Steakley Years at camp: '82-'89, 1993

I loved my counselors, I loved the river, and even learned how to sail on Canyon Lake. I still sing all the old camp songs that we sang every day after lunch to my little girl, who's five, every night before bed. I always end with, 'I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills ...' and then Taps.

‒  Shannon McCann Years at camp: 1966-1975

The experiences at camp gave me a confidence and feeling of accomplishment. First, just being able to take care of myself away from home (with the counselors help, or course) allowed me my first feelings of independence. Being able to try different activities in a non-threatening environment — things I probably never would have tried at home — was a great way of discovering who I was. Then, later on having the responsibility of caring for children by being a big sis to a younger camper and then CIT, gave me a life-long heart for children. Enough so I became a registered nurse working in the pediatric intensive care. I don't believe I would be the person I am today without those many experiences at camp.

‒  Stephanie Shupp Wilson Years at camp: 1978-1983

My years at Rocky River were some of the most wonderful times in my life. My sister (Laura) and I still spend hours talking about our fun times there. We still remember our days of swimming in the river, riding horses and water skiing. I can't wait until my little girl can experience all the joy and fun I had as a child for herself.

‒  Debbie Merian Polasek Years at camp: 1976-1987

Another favorite camp memory that lives on is the camp songs. I have sung them to my kids when they were babies … and still sing to them to wake them up in the morning ("Good morning to You!"). Last summer my daughter went to camp for the first time (at age 6). She had a great time and is looking forward to going again this summer. She sings camp songs almost daily (I'm ready for her to learn a few new ones other than "Boom Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy?" and "I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap")!

‒  Patti Scott Gillman Years at camp: 1972-1985

I will forever remember Rocky River Ranch as the greatest place on earth! To this day I still remember the nine summers that I spent at Rocky River Ranch. I hope to have my children experience camp as I did so many years ago.

‒  Tasha Ancira Roberts Years at camp: 1977-1985