In order to check out, you (or any authorized pick-up person) MUST HAVE PHOTO ID.

All authorized persons must be listed on your online RRR account.

All sessions except Session 3 end on the last Friday afternoon of the session. Session 3 (the 10 day session) ends on Tuesday, July 2nd. 

Check out day is such a fun opportunity to see the campsite, visit with the staff and let your camper show off!

The format is an “open house” style so that families can participate in the Drama Show, shop in the Canteen and have the opportunity to visit the barn and other areas around camp. Exact details will be emailed specific for your camp session as we get closer, but the layout will be something like this:

1:30 Front Gate Opens - Be sure to bring your photo ID and have it ready as we will check it at the front gate and have you sign out your camper. If someone other than you is picking up your camper, please make sure they are listed as an “authorized pickup” in your online account.

You will be directed to park near your camper’s cabin and all of the girls will be waiting in their cabins. You can go inside, meet her counselors and friends, and help her get all her belongings. If you have multiple campers, we suggest parking between the cabins to make it easier to carry their stuff.

At that point you are free to head out or walk around camp with your daughter. There will be watermelon and Gatorade at the Grubstake, the Canteen Store will be open for shopping, the barn will be open for 'Meet and Greet' with the animals, and of course you can take a peek at other class locations at your own pace.

As you know, our roadways are narrow and we have limited parking spaces. Please be aware of parking so you don’t block in others (or block the flow of traffic) and also please DRIVE SLOWLY as the campers are used to running around camp freely without the concern of cars.

2:30ish Drama Show begins in the 49er - all are welcome to come watch the dance class perform a short routine (and any other classes that want to perform, each session is a little different) and watch the drama class put on their performance.

Please contact us with any specific questions about Check Out Day.

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Summer Camp Programs

The perfect summer is waiting for your daughter aged 5 to 14 at Rocky River— filled to the brim with new friendships, challenging activities and, most importantly, lots of fun! Check out our day camp and resident camp options.

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Weekend Programs

In the hot summer months, we’re an all-girls camp, but the rest of the year, we offer year ‘round fun at our Great Escapes for women and Mother-Daughter weekends!

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Event Rentals

Rocky River Ranch is the perfect solution for your special event! We host family reunions, church retreats, teacher work days, company picnics, Girl Scout groups, and more with lodging for up to 135 guests.

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Rocky River Ranch experience


Picture a Spot … My years at Rocky River mean more to me than can be written down in a little note. There's probably not a day that goes by that I don't think about an experience, a laugh, a friendship, a struggle, a success, etc. that I experienced at camp. I love that I can go back and find the same "safe haven" that I experienced as a 7-year-old girl in Circle B through several years as a Counselor! Driving across that cattle guard at the front gate, my heart beat calms to a familiar and comforting beat again, like nothing else I've experienced.

‒  Erin Davis Terjesen Years at camp: 1985-1998

I would not be the person I have become today if it were not for Skeet and Sandy. One of the biggest lessons I ever learned in life was from Sandy — I fell off a horse and Sandy made me get right back on. I had no idea what impact that lesson would mean to my life, but I have to say it has become one of the most valuable.

‒  Beth Boykin Huddle Years at camp: 1976-1980

Wow! I just spent ten amazing weeks at Rocky River. It was a great learning experience. My first job also! I had a wonderful time working with the counselors and the kids. I already miss it! I miss singing camp songs too!

‒  Brenda Ly Years at camp: 2004

My summers at RRR were the most special times of my childhood. I have so many great memories that I'll never forget. Thanks to Rocky River, I found my true calling in life … teaching children! And, I fell in love with Wimberley so much, that I live here now!

‒  Mollie Cessac Booth Years at camp: 1979-1991, 1999-2000

Mama Knolk — what a wonderful and gentle lady. She always wanted the best for us and for us to be our best.

‒  Jeanette Brian Lawrence Years at camp: 1960s

I have said for years that RRR made me the person that I am today. Actually it wasn’t just RRR, but also the counselors that shaped my experiences and helped me be the best I could be. I learned to problem solve, lead others and to be a leader others wanted to follow. I learned to do my part and that I can do anything I decided to do. I learned to say 'I can' a lot more than 'I cannot.' I learned to co-exist with others which helps me to this day. As a young girl I learned what others around me now in their 30s still do not know. I learned to take care of and respect myself, respect others and the world around me.

‒  Hara Chasis Cootes Years at camp: 1978-1991