What are the cabins like?

All cabins are air-conditioned bunkhouses. Cabin placements are determined by age and grade. Rocky River honors bunkmate requests as much as possible for girls who are up to one year apart in age. Staff live in the cabins with the campers and we have a very high staff to camper ratio.

When are my balance and camp forms due?

All balances and completed forms are due by April 1st. You can make payments online through your account using a credit card or check (we prefer check as it helps keep the cost of camp down for everyone).  You can find the required forms in the Document Center of your account under Additional Options.  All forms other than the medical recommendation can be filled out online.  The medical recommendation is for your medical provider to fill out and scanned or mailed to RRR.

What is the refund policy?

Cancelations made before April 1st will receive refund of fees paid minus the non-refundable deposit.

Can I call my camper while she’s at camp?

Rocky River campers do not have access to phones while here. If you have a question, or would just like to check in, please feel free to call the office.

Can I visit my camper while she’s at camp?

For your camper’s safety, Rocky River does not allow visitors on the campsite while camp is in session.

This will be my camper’s first camp experience. What can I do to prepare her for camp life?

The best thing to do is talk to your camper about what camp life will be like. Explain to her that she will not be able to see or talk to you while at camp and that you know she will do great while here. Call to set up a time before the summer to visit the camp and speak with a director ─ we’ll be able to show you cabins, where activities are held, where campers eat, etc. Pack for camp with your camper ─ allow her to write her name on her clothing, choose a special stuffed animal to bring, and which books she’d like to read during downtime. Allowing her to see the camp and know what she’ll be doing and what she is bringing will help alleviate any natural anxiety she may be experiencing, enabling her to have the best time possible while here.

Is Rocky River Ranch a religious camp?

No, Rocky River is not a religiously affiliated camp. We welcome campers from all religious backgrounds. We love having a diverse community.  Our long time traditions do include singing grace before meals and ending the day with a Friendship Circle, which includes saying The Lord’s Prayer.  Campers are encouraged to do what is comfortable for them while remaining respectful of others. On the second Sunday of longer sessions, our older campers plan and lead the entire camp in a character based chapel service.

What happens if my camper gets sick at camp?

Rocky River takes healthcare very seriously. Our wellness center is well equipped, staffed and maintained for our campers who need special care, and our camp doctor is on-call throughout the season. Our counselors are trained in CPR and First Aid. Should any concerning health issue arise, a staff member will contact the parents. Please see below for COVID 19 related protocol and FAQs.

Why are we planning to move forward with camp in 2021 amid continued Covid-19 concerns?

  1.  We have been in constant contact with both medical and camping professionals to weigh the risks and benefits of camp this summer. Camp has a huge benefit on children’s mental health and we know children need camp more than ever. We are creating and implementing new procedures to try and provide the environment that our campers look forward to, while also implementing mandated regulations and safety guidelines. We understand that many are concerned that the limitations that will be necessary to ensure a level of safety will take the “magic" out of camp. Without a doubt, camp will look and feel different this year.  However, we will do our best to provide our campers with an opportunity to step into Rocky River Ranch this summer and feel connected, supported, and safe. 

    We whole heartedly agree with Paul McEntire's, chief operating officer of YMCA of the USA, statment “We have growing concerns about the ongoing mental health issues that are increasing steadily, affecting young people today…We are big believers that being outside always matters. But given quarantine, getting kids outdoors is hypercritical this summer.”

  1.  We are making changes to our camp’s daily schedules and traditions in order to provide the least amount of risk, with the understanding that there is no way to have a 0% risk of Covid-19. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Staying in cabin groups
    • An increased cleaning and disinfecting plan
    • Hosting every possible activity outdoors  
    • Pre-screening options and daily health screening
    • Hand hygiene
    • Physical distancing with those not in the same cabin group
    • Modified pick up and drop off procedures


  1. Our recommendation is that each household will practice safe distancing to mitigate the risks of spread so that everyone will be safe during their time at camp. However, we strongly recommend those in high risk groups, and those who feel they would be unable to comply with safe distancing and hygiene practices allow their camp experience to wait until the camp environment is more suitable.

What does the CDC have to say about Covid-19 in Children and Teens?


Will there be special requirements this year before my child comes to camp? 

In addition to the normal Health History and Medical Recommendation Form, we will also ask parents to provide at least one of the following

**Preferred*** Proof of a Negative Covid-19 PCR Test (antigen tests will not be accepted). The test must be taken no more than 5 days before the camper’s session check-in day, so please make sure your testing site can provide the results in time. After taking the test we require that camper’s remain socially distanced to prevent any exposure between the test and beginning of their session. 


**Preferred** Copy of a Covid-19 Vaccination Card (for those who qualify). The Pfizer vaccine is currently available for those 12 years old or older. We encourage families with campers this age to research the benefits of having your daughter fully vaccinated before her camp session.


Health, Temperature & Exposure Log - a form that gives a 10 day record of the camper’s normal temperature range and allows us to see if there were any signs of fever or symptoms of any illness as well as being aware of her exposure to non-family members.

Will my camper have the same class and activity opportunities that we previously selected for summer 2021?

Classes are a huge part of the RRR tradition and a way we encourage girls to express their individuality and develop new skills and interests. The guidelines from the Texas Governor's office, CDC, and the American Camp Association all agree that keeping campers moving together in cabin groups or “cohorts” is the best way to mitigate many of the risks of becoming infected with/spreading Covid-19. This means that we must adjust this year and provide fun camp activities as cabin groups instead of individually. In order to provide similar activities that our campers know and love, we have grouped the classes into categories. Within these categories, campers will be given the freedom to make many personal choices. The categories are: Farm Animal Fun, Challengers, Sports, Crafts, Granny Girls, Discovery Hour, Anything Goes and Triple R Girls. Campers will also get to go to the River and the Pool every day to enjoy free swim and a variety of activities such as Kayaking, Fishing, Log Rolling, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Synchronized Swimming, Water Aerobics, Diving, Pool Games and many more.

How will my child benefit from moving in a cabin group?

We understand remaining in cabin groups may be a disappointment to some, however, we also see it as an opportunity for campers to build close and lasting relationships with girls their own age. Last year we were able to see how fun it was for campers to bond as an entire cabin and we look forward to seeing that again this year. We truly believe 'the friends you make, while camping here, will last your whole life through'!

If most of the activities are outdoors, what about the Texas heat?

Most of our outdoor activities will be held under shaded areas like our pavilions and porches, many of these areas will also have fans to help with air flow and cooling. A lot of fun water activities are scheduled to help beat the heat throughout the day. Our campers always keep their own water bottles with them at all times and this year it’s more important than ever to label everything with your camper’s name loud and proud! We also always recommend packing the appropriate sun gear including lots of sunscreen and a good hat.

Will my camper be required to wear a mask?

During outdoor activities within her cabin group we will not require your camper to wear a mask.  There may be times it will be beneficial to wear a mask, especially if interacting closely with members outside their cabin group, like indoors with our medical staff or directors. We have done our best to limit the amount of time campers will need masks by staying in cabin groups, having a majority of time spent enjoying the outdoors, and using good hand hygiene. Please send properly fitting masks that follow CDC’s guidelines.

If my daughters are attending the same session, will they be able to interact since they are coming from the same household?

We have a long tradition of sisters coming to RRR together and we hope to continue this tradition for many years to come. This year we will be using cabin groups as a safety measure to minimize the number of camper interactions which will mean that unless your daughters are in the same cabin group (which will continue to be determined by grade) they will not be interacting closely during their class activities. However, they will have outdoor and distanced evening programs together, be able to send each other fun notes, exchange friendship bracelets and have a fun bonding experience they will remember for years to come.

What changes will be made to the opening and closing days of camp this year? 

Opening day of camp is always full of excitement; being greeted by happy counselors, seeing old friends, and the joy of meeting new friends.  This summer will have all those same cherished moments, however, the initial drop off procedure will be different, especially for our parents. Because we want to limit our campers’ exposure as much as possible, we will be asking parents to remain in their cars and have their campers’ belongings and camp necessities ready at the time of arrival. Exceptions may be made by contacting the camp office in advance to make special arrangements. We will also be incorporating an additional intake screening that will include a temperature check to ensure that everyone is happy and healthy before entering their cabin. We will continue to work out the details about staggered drop off times and official procedures and communicate that to you. 

Closing day is also full of excitement and energy. As usual, campers will have a memorable closing ceremony with their cabin groups and their cabin counselors, including a bead ceremony. However, this year we will not be hosting our closing day ceremony and lunch for parents. Pickup will be similar to drop off, where parents will remain in their cars and drive through at their designated time to pick up their camper(s). As always we will be posting photos and videos online to ensure you get the highlights of your child’s camp experience, even if she falls asleep right away on the car ride home! We will continue to work out the details about staggered pick up times and email official procedures.

How will sleeping quarters and bathrooms be adjusted for safe practices?

Campers will be spread out when possible and sleep opposite head to toe in order to further expand the space between each camper’s face. We will also have more cleaning procedures for the cabins and bathrooms in order to maintain a high level of sanitation. Campers will be taught on opening day, and gently reminded each time they enter their cabin, to wash their hands, and how to sanitize after themselves.

Will there be more availability of hand sanitizer and time for washing hands?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We will give your camper many safe opportunities to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water, and we will be installing hand sanitizing stations throughout the entire campsite. We also recommend in the packing list (found in Pointers-to-Parents) that campers bring a “travel” or easy to carry hand sanitizer with them to camp this summer

How will health screening continue while my daughter is at camp?

We will be taking each camper’s temperature daily. In addition to these temperature checks, we will be assessing daily if camper’s have any Covid-19 symptoms. Our staff will be trained to monitor campers for any sign of health concerns within cabin groups and as always we will have trained medical personnel on site throughout your daughter’s session. 

If your camper is running a fever greater than 100.4*, or showing Covid symptoms, we will contact you directly,  and together with our Medical Director, make a plan together on how to proceed. You, or your approved emergency contact, must remain within 6 hours of availability to pick up your daughter if, after discussions, it is necessary for her to go home. Please make sure your approved pick up list is updated to reflect that.   As always we strive to maintain open communication while your daughter is here at Rocky River Ranch, and we will provide you with a direct cell number if you would like to express concerns or check in about your campers health and happiness.

Will we be informed if someone in my daughter’s cabin group tests positive for Covid-19?

Yes. We will inform parents if their camper was in a cabin group with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 or even if an individual in their cabin was sent home with symptoms of Covid-19 while maintaining that individual’s privacy.

How will my camper’s dietary needs be met?

Campers love the food at RRR! Many campers list it as one of the top reasons for coming back each year. We are able to accomodate most special diets, such as vegetarian, lactose-free,  gluten-free. Be sure to include your camper's allergies or special needs on the Health History form.  

Our camper approved food will be the same this summer however the way we serve may look a little different- cafeteria style with staff serving, no community ice bucket, increased awareness of hygiene  etc.  We will also limit the amount of campers in the Grubstake at one time by rotating meal times, having cabin picnics and adding an additional outdoor dining area.

If your questions or concerns were not answered, please email us at info@rockyriverranch.com

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Rocky River Ranch experience

The experiences at camp gave me a confidence and feeling of accomplishment. First, just being able to take care of myself away from home (with the counselors help, or course) allowed me my first feelings of independence. Being able to try different activities in a non-threatening environment — things I probably never would have tried at home — was a great way of discovering who I was. Then, later on having the responsibility of caring for children by being a big sis to a younger camper and then CIT, gave me a life-long heart for children. Enough so I became a registered nurse working in the pediatric intensive care. I don't believe I would be the person I am today without those many experiences at camp.

‒  Stephanie Shupp Wilson Years at camp: 1978-1983

I loved my counselors, I loved the river, and even learned how to sail on Canyon Lake. I still sing all the old camp songs that we sang every day after lunch to my little girl, who's five, every night before bed. I always end with, 'I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills ...' and then Taps.

‒  Shannon McCann Years at camp: 1966-1975

I would not be the person I have become today if it were not for Skeet and Sandy. One of the biggest lessons I ever learned in life was from Sandy — I fell off a horse and Sandy made me get right back on. I had no idea what impact that lesson would mean to my life, but I have to say it has become one of the most valuable.

‒  Beth Boykin Huddle Years at camp: 1976-1980

I would definitely not be the person I am today without the experience of camp. I remember being 7 years old and so excited about my first camp experience. I don't think I slept the entire night before leaving. When I arrived at camp it was the most wonderful place I had ever seen. Rue was my first counselor and she took the time to show me around and introduced me to the other girls. I was scared at first, but it did not last long. By the end of the first night camp already felt like a second home. By the end of my first two weeks I did not want to leave. Rocky River was a part of my life forever. In the end what I took away from camp was friendship, love, respect and confidence.

‒  Debbie Merian Polasek Years at camp: 1977-1987

I can't believe this will be my second summer away from Rocky River. I'm so campsick. I find myself singing RRR songs all the time, and i wish I could be there now! Camp has meant so much to me. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

‒  Sara Jane Mitcham Years at camp: 1998-2003

We still can't believe it has been 50 years since my mother, Mama Knolk, started RRR. We are so proud that it is still the same as she built it and still has the same spirit upon which it was founded. Our children and grandchildren have had the wonderful opportunity to attend camp and we all can still sing some of the songs when we get together. May the spirit of Mama Knolk stay with all that have attended RRR.

‒  Polly Knolk Denham